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Composition – Vocals – Instruments – Mixing & Mastering – Graphic & Web Design – Post-Production – Creative Writing – Translation

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Welcome to my little temporary landing page. My name is Myrddin and I am a media creator, mainly musician and designer. I'm working on a huge awesome website right now but on this little site I will provide all the necessary infos on commissions and links to my projects and how to get in touch with me. Find me and my works on these social networks:

Commission type:

Commissions and Rates*


*All prices here are examples to give you an idea of what a commission will approximately cost. In every case you will get a quotation once I have assessed the amount of work that will be necessary. I will also take the nature of the project into account. Indie productions and professional productions have different budgets and demands and will be charged accordingly.

Composition / Arrangement

I compose and arrange a huge variety of music styles for every purpose. For example: game music, film scores, songs for musical performers / bands, audio logos, etc.
Composition usually also includes an arrangement and MIDI instrumentation. Prices may vary depending on how many recordings of real instruments are needed.
I usually charge by commenced minutes of finished work while the per-minute price varies depending on the complexity. For larger projects like movies or video games there is also the possibility to work with a percentage of the overall budget instead.
The prices cover the work time only, royalties may be charged in addition.


Complexity level easy (1-5 instruments)

250,– € per minute.

Complexity level medium (6-10 instruments)

400,– € per minute.

Complexity level high (11-20 instruments)

600,– € per minute.

Complexity level extreme (full orchestral score)

1000,– € per minute.


My tessitura goes from G2 to A5. This means my useable vocal range covers more than three octaves. Thanks to my intense vocal training, my voice suits many different styles of music. I can do lead and harmony vocals within that range.
The prices depend on the degree of difficulty of the vocal lines
Here are some examples of me singing some well-known songs live without any post-processing (just real-time effects like reverb): YouTube live vocal playlist

Selected references:

  • Hi-NRG Attack, Italy / AVEX, Japan
  • Suganomusic, Japan
  • BVG music, USA


Lead vocals

50,– € to 150,– € per track / double track.

Harmony vocals

20,– € to 50,– € per track / double track.

Guitar and Bass

I play electric and steel-string acoustic guitar. I play every technique where a plectrum is used as well as tapping. I also play bass guitar with exact timing and most common playing techniques (pick bass, fingered bass, slap bass, tapping).
The prices depend on the degree of difficulty of the instrumental parts.


Bass and rhythm guitars

50,– € to 150,– € per track.

Lead guitars, bass solo

80,– € to 300,– € per track.

Mixing and Mastering

The perfect mix is an accumulation of paradoxes. At the same time it must be transparent as well as compact, powerful but with space for the individual tracks, details must be emphasised but the overall impression must be harmonious and so on. Before I start mixing a song, I listen very closely to the tracks and try to get an idea of what the song wants to tell the listener. All things mentioned above are important to transport the right emotions and statements of a song. To achieve this, I work with love of detail to get the perfect balance of all elements.
The mix is also already important for the possibilities during the mastering process to get a maximum of loudness or dynamics. So I intend to prepare the final sound already in the mix.
I can apply the mastering to every desired loudness standard. If you are unsure about this point, I also offer free consulting.
The prices depend on length and complexity of the music.



150,– to 250,– € per medium sized song, prices for very complex songs on demand only.

Stereo mastering

50,– € per song (including cuts and fades).

Stem mastering

80,– € per song (including cuts and fades).

Graphic and Web Design

I offer layouts for print media such as flyers and brochures. Even though I do not illustrate myself, I have some very skilled illustrators in my network who can carry out this part.
I create responsive websites (mobile first or desktop first), either in simple html/css or with one of the following CMS: Drupal and Wordpress.
I recommend simple html/css for informative websites that do not change their content too often.
I recommend Wordpress for single-language and single-user websites that are regularly updated or contain a blog.
I recommend Drupal for multi-language or multi-user websites that are regularly updated or need complex features.
The starting price of a CMS based website is higher but later you can edit pages by yourself without any coding skills!


Layout for flyers and brochures

Starting at 200,– € for the basic design + 50,– € per page.

Simple website

800,– € for the basic design + 50,– € per page following the design (more complex websites with multiple designs can cost more).

Wordpress or Drupal website

1200,– € for the basic design, set-up, and instruction + 50,– € per extra page. Prices for extra functionalities depend on the complexity.

Creative Writing and Translation

I can write texts for artists and news/informative texts about the following topics: music, technology, IT, games, cars, philosophy. I translate from German into English, from French into English, from French into German, and from English into German.
Translations can have the same topics as creative writing but also be academic texts and biographical texts. I do not translate certified official documents.


Creative writing

Starting at 2,– € per line (approx. 55 characters). Varies on complexity.


Starting at 1,40 € per line (approx. 55 characters). Varies on complexity.

My Equipment

  • All works are processed on an iMac 21.5 inch, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 with macOS Sierra.
  • With Steinberg's Nuendo I have access to the flagship tool for music production and post-production on the market.
  • Propellerheads Reason extends this power with an infinite rack of more music tools.
  • Several high-end third party plugins complete this software suite.
  • For graphic and video work I use Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, and Premiere.
  • I record vocals and instruments with several Sennheiser and AKG microphones. For acoustic guitar I also use the IK Multimedia iRig.
  • I have Yamaha and Roland hardware synthesizers and a Roland guitar-to-MIDI converter.
  • I play Jackson, Ibanez, and Vester guitars and basses.
  • A Phonic firewire audio interface allows me to work with sample rates up to 192 kHz.

Phonic Jackson Guitars Ibanez Vester


I have a diverse collection of music on my YouTube channel. You will also find lots of sorted playlists there for a better overview.
For my design works, I created a portfolio page on CodePen.